Colombian Rock Star Juanes to Rock the (Hispanic) Vote
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Colombian rock star Juan Esteban Aristizabal, more popularly known as Juanes (more recent photo here) is kicking off his big "La Vida" U.S. tour. As part of the tour, and in collaboration with MTV's "Rock the Vote", Juanes plans to encourage young Hispanics to register to vote. As reported in Mexico's Universal:
The Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes will invite young Hispanics of the United States to register to vote in the presidential elections...
At Juanes concerts (beginning with the tour's big opener at Madison Square Garden on March 6th) the Colombian citizen rock star will encourage young Hispanic (presumably American citizen) Hispanic concert-goers to register. The article describes the Hispanic vote situation thusly:
Although Hispanics number more than 43 million and are the principal ethnic minority in the United States, only a few million are registered to vote, because many are not American citizens, or still aren't old enough or are indocumentados . Nevertheless, American politicians are recognizing the importance of the Latino vote...
Nowadays, it's so easy to register to vote, that anybody who doesn't do so is probably just not interested. It's really better that the uninterested don't vote anyway. So whenever you hear about the need to register Hispanics, it's from groups who suppose their own interests would be furthered if more Hispanics register. Many Latin Americans (and not only Mexicans) see their interests furthered by Hispanic influence within the United States. So here we have a Colombian citizen getting ready to travel about the country promoting Hispanic youth to register to vote in the United States. Juanes is scheduled to perform in New York City, Atlantic City, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Washington D.C., Rosemont (Illinois), San Antonio,Laredo, Duluth (Georgia), Miami, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Hidalgo(Texas), El Paso, Denver, Tucson, Fresno, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Jose.
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