"They Just Come Here To Work." Uh Huh.
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We hear that claim a lot, that illegal aliens "just come here to work" and that "our economy would collapse without them." But even overlooking the cohort among them who clearly come to enhance their own situations by wreaking mayhem on us (be sure your sound is on for that video), it's not universally true.

Consider the experiences of a rancher near Naco, AZ, as recounted in a Reuters article about our fabled border fence [Despite fences, immigrants still broach U.S. border , by Tim Gaynor, March 3, 2008:

Local rancher John Ladd said some 300 to 400 illegal immigrants continue to clamber over the new steel barrier flanking the southern reach of his farm for some 10 miles (16 km) each day, as an effective combination of technologies and manpower remains elusive.

"It's so easy to climb that I've seen two women that were pregnant, I've seen several women in their sixties and all kinds of kids between five and ten years old climb over it," Ladd said, as he leaned on a section of the steel mesh fence that stretches like a rusted veil westward toward the rugged Huachuca Mountains.

Yep, it's those uneducated women in their sixties, uneducated pregnant women, and ten-year-old kids who grace us with their (probably non-English-speaking) presence that make the U.S. the economic powerhouse that it is.
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