College Wrong To Steal Taxpayers` Money
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The screenshot from the New Jersey Star-Ledger shows that they used the headline "College right to welcome undocumented students " and the headline "College right to welcome illegals" to refer to the same story.(Because of political correctness or something.) Which is right? Trick question! They're both wrong!

The college is wrong to welcome illegals. Here's the Star-Ledger Editorial Board's version:

College right to welcome undocumented students Published: Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 6:00 AM Star-Ledger Editorial Board By Star-Ledger Editorial

The County College of Morris has kicked up a storm of disapproval in some quarters by announcing illegal immigrants will be allowed to enroll. For a decade, they were barred from attending the school.

College trustees, in a 7-1 vote, made the correct decision to lift the ban. Nobody gains from having an underclass of uneducated young people within our borders. Absorbing and nurturing their ambitions and dreams can create the best outcome for them and for us. [More]

Actually, deporting them might create a better outcome. But that's not why it's wrong to welcome them.

It would be nice if the Trustees of   the County College of Morris were educatiing these young people on their own time, and with their own money, but they're doing it with public funds—County public funds, State Of New Jersey public funds, and Federal Government public funds, which readers will remember as "my money."

A college or public school may be a nominally non-profit institution, but in practice more students mean more money for the administrators personally, and more money for the unionized teachers personally.

It's a raid on the public purse, and that's why the college is wrong to welcome illegals.

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