College Basketball Coaches Demand Even Dumber Basketball Players
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From the Wall Street Journal:

College Basketball Coaches Call for End to ACT, SAT Requirement
Leaders say the tests hurt poor and minority students, ask NCAA to make ‘immediate decision’
By Rachel Bachman
July 16, 2020 1:20 pm ET

The nation’s leading men’s college basketball coaches’ association has called the SAT and ACT “longstanding forces of institutional racism” and wants them eliminated from use in determining athletes’ eligibility.

The National Association of Basketball Coaches made the move three days after naming its first-ever Black executive director, the former Division I coach Craig Robinson.

Robinson is the brother of Michelle Obama, whose mother has said she never tested well. However, Michelle’s husband Barack turned his career around in 1987 when he aced the LSAT. This could make for some awkward conversations at family reunions.

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