Colin Kaepernick Decline As An Actual Football Player
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In Taki’s Magazine, Charles Norman writes about Colin Kaepernick:

In the summer of 2016, Colin Kaepernick started wearing “cops are pigs” socks and chose not to partake in the national anthem, at the behest of his then-new girlfriend Nessa Diab, an MTV and radio host who was raised Muslim in California by her Egyptian parents. Diab not only suggested his protests but the next year, through her posts on social media, cost the quarterback a backup job with the Baltimore Ravens. She might be another example of what Steve Sailer referred to when he spoke of our society’s increasing “Rule by Actresses.” Sadly, though, this was not the first time Kaepernick had gotten in trouble through a woman: Two years prior he was not charged when a quasi-girlfriend claimed she may have been sexually assaulted by him. Those are potential charges that, in the era of #MeToo, and when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have suspended their starting quarterback three games for allegedly groping his Uber driver, Kaepernick should be thankful took place in humanity’s Sexual Dark Ages—the year 2014.

iKaepernick went 3-16 as a starter his last two seasons playing in the NFL. I’d be more inclined in his favor if he were in Canada like Johnny Manziel trying to show he deserves to be back in the big time. (Manziel has been benched in Montreal after two lousy starts at QB.)

Generally, black quarterbacks tend to decline in impact as injuries and new defensive schemes take their tolls.

In contrast, Drew Brees (right) is (apparently) forever. The 39 year old of average height has completed 65 out of 80 passes this season.

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