CNN Spin On Dadeville Sailer's Law Shooting
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Earlier: Sailer's Law Shooting In Dadeville, AL: 4 Dead, 20 Wounded At Sweet 16 Party At Mahogany Masterpiece Dance Studio

iSteve commenter Barnard points out:

CNN tries to run exclusively white people in the pictures other than the ones of the victims. That’s NY Times level work from them.

It could be that there were white victims at Mahogany Masterpiece dance studio in this half white-half black town in Alabama—some of victims were affiliated with the high school football team, which is usually integrated in the small-town South. But 4 dead and 28 wounded is an extreme Sailer’s Law of Mass Shootings ratio.

CNN knows, however, that its audience doesn’t want to hear about blacks shooting blacks, it wants pictures of a 95% white crowd mourning so its viewers can engage in schadenfreude over those stupid rifle-loving rednecks getting their just desserts because some MAGA Trumptard went postal on children.

In contrast, the notion of massive military raids on the black slums and the arresting of hundreds of blacks who attempt to hide their illegal handguns sounds pretty racist and off-narrative.

So, the nice white people who watch CNN aren’t even going to think about that it would take to reduce the number of shooting victims.

The local Montgomery Advertiser’s photo selection seems much more realistic about the demographics of this mass shooting:


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