CNN Climbs Down From "Hate Group" Claim About Trump Immigration Advisors
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Above you can see the "before and after" of a CNN story attacking Jon Feere and Julie Kirchner, whose think tanks are called "hate groups" by the (allegedly non-partisan) ADL and SPLC.

When I blogged yesterday on Some Extremely Fake “Hate Group” News From CNN–Mentioning!, I embedded the Tweet below, but it was not working, temporarily, so I wrote "That link may not work–the same story is available here." Here is Vermont's MYNBC5, and that story still says 2 top Trump immigration advisers linked to alleged hate groups,  as does the original Tweet.

While that tweet hasn't been deleted, it now goes to Hard-line anti-illegal immigration advocates hired at 2 federal agencies, By Maria Santana, CNN, Updated 12:44 AM ET, Wed April 12, 2017.

Gone is all the hate propaganda from the SPLC and ADL that I mentioned—CNN no longer (except in Vermont) says:

CIS and FAIR are think tanks based in Washington that advocate restricting legal and illegal immigration, but whose more extreme views on illegal immigration and undocumented immigrants have earned them hate group designations by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit civil rights organization that has been tracking hate groups since the 1980s.

The Anti-Defamation League, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that fights anti-Semitism, has also criticized both groups for frequently publishing the works of and collaborating with known anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers.

And I see that they've deleted this weirdness:
Feere also was quoted frequently in the publications of, a white nationalist website.
That's an extreme case of guilt-by-association, but now it's gone.  I wonder why they did that?



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