Some Extremely Fake "Hate Group" News From CNN—Mentioning!
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This is some extremely Fake News from CNN.

That link may not work—the same story is available here. The "Hate Groups" are CIS and FAIR, the haters CIS's Jon Feere  and FAIR legal expert Julie Kirchner.

Here's who CNN is still, in 2017, treating as authorities:

CIS and FAIR are think tanks based in Washington that advocate restricting legal and illegal immigration, but whose more extreme views on illegal immigration and undocumented immigrants have earned them hate group designations by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit civil rights organization that has been tracking hate groups since the 1980s.

The Anti-Defamation League, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that fights anti-Semitism, has also criticized both groups for frequently publishing the works of and collaborating with known anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers.

They make no attempt to prove any of that, they just say it. Here's what they say about Feere:
In one article published by CIS, Feere questioned whether children brought to the United States at an early age were sufficiently assimilated or loyal to this nation to be granted any type of legal status.
Something in that—look at Jose Antonio Vargas. Then there's this:
Feere also was quoted frequently in the publications of, a white nationalist website.
The idea that he can acquire "guilt by association" with us by being quoted here (about 20 times—nothing to the number of times we've quoted David Frum) is deeply weird.
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