Chicago Tribune: Anti-White News, or no News!
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On Wednesday James Fulford reported on a very alert item by the blog Nation of Cowards: Chi-Trib Mug Shots: Focusing On White Criminals? This pointed out and illustrated that the Chicago Tribune (owned since December 2008 by billionaire Sam Zell in one of his less inspired purchases) was skipping numerous pictures of blacks accused of violent crimes in order to present white faces in its “Mugs In The News” feature. This was apparently a habit.

On Sunday NOC posted Vdare & NOC gets Results! which says (and illustrates) that since the last items

I’ve been monitoring the front page which for a day or two actually got more racially balanced…And then just that quick, was gone

That’s right, the mugs, which as far as I can tell were actually a new addition to the front page, have been pulled off!

NOC goes on

...the mugs appeared to be a recently added regular feature…all I was asking for was fairness, racial fairness, so if they pulled the mugs from the front page for this reason it seems to me that they would rather lose what I’ll wager was a popular feature (crime stuff always is) rather than admit the ugly racial truth.

Tell me again, why is the Three Monkey Media dying again?

Nation of Cowards says

The Trib forts up like no paper I’ve ever seen, you can’t talk to anybody, ever.

But you can complain about this anti-white dishonesty here.

Well done, Nation of Cowards!


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