Church/Communist Alliance at Work in Lansing, Michigan
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Stung by the protests of patriotic Americans who resent having illegals dumped on their communities, the forces of Treason are mounting their counterattack.  In Michigan, one of the leading groups is BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), a violent Trotskyite group whose activities largely rely on professional leftists busing in urban youth to violently attack political opponents and sometimes random bystanders.    The group also has a long association with openly racist activists like Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party.   [Viewpoint: Stop BAMN by any legal means, by Reggie Brown, The Michigan Daily, January 24, 2006]

In other words, this is exactly the kind of group Christian leaders want to support, rather than evil racist Americans who have the nerve to desire safe and prosperous communities.

In the ongoing debate of immigration reform, the latest push appears to come from faith-based groups who are involving their local governments.

Cristo Rey Church along with BAMN (Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary) are writing a resolution to present to the Lansing City Council to better protect and process Central American immigrant children. They rallied on the doorstep of the church on Wednesday demanding immigrant rights.

Among those in the rally was José Alvarenga, a man who left Honduras at 14-years-old with his younger brother.

“It’s a daily frustration to be treated as a second-class citizen knowing that you contribute to this country and make it what it is, just as much as anybody else does,” said Alvarenga.

[Immigration reform debate fuels protests for Central Americans seeking asylumby Dana Chicklas, Fox 17 Michigan, July 23, 2014]

Three points.

  • 1.  It's revealing that this is the kind of ally a church wants — but seeing as how the church would probably get a share of any welfare money allocated for the illegals, perhaps not surprising.
  • 2.  Alvarenga is probably not a second class-citizen — he's probably not a citizen at all.  It's also interesting that he was simply able to walk into the country at age 14.  Notice that America's inability to enforce immigration laws hasn't made him proud of the country or grateful — just angry, entitled, and eager to destroy it.
  • 3.  BAMN has been active in Michigan politics for decades.  Nonetheless, white female reporter Dana Chicklas can't be troubled to provide any context to who the group is, their history, their associations, or their goals.  Instead, it's just a typical puff piece.
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