"These Students Were Not Killed By A Korean..."
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May 01, 2007, 02:40 PM
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Well, I`m glad that`s cleared up. They were actually killed by ...guns. And American fundamental rights.

Tom Plate [send him mail] writes

So let`s just disregard all the hoopla about the race of the student responsible for the slayings. These students were not killed by a Korean, they were killed by a 9 mm handgun and a .22-caliber handgun.Plate: Let`s lay down our right to bear arms -

Earlier in the article, Plate had written "Ban Ki-moon is also Korean! Our brilliant new United Nations secretary general has not only never fired a gun..." (but had a engineered some kind of bogus peace plan for Sudan, blah blah blah.)

I don`t see how a guy who spends as much time writing about Asia as Plate does could avoid knowing that all Koreans are required by law to do military service.

That being the case, I`d like to see some evidence that Ban-Ki Moon has never fired a gun.

It`s true that South Korea has gun control as well as universal conscription. That may have been a factor in the one of the worst mass killings in history, the 57 people killed by Woo Bum Kon, a South Korean policeman who had taken guns from a police armory.

As for "all the hoopla about the race" and more important, the immigrant status, of Cho Seung Hui, there hasn`t been any, except for a few people like us and Pat Buchanan. It`s not allowed, remember?