Christophobia: Churches And Priests Under Attack Globally
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We've noted before that "Christophobia" is something that barely has a name. Yet churches are under attack around the world. The Main Stream Media is largely indifferent. 

Pope Francis has, to put it mildly, not been a friend to immigration patriots in the West, nor to traditionalists within the Church. Yet the Church is still seen as representative of the West by the West's enemies, and is targeted for that reason.

Consider the widespread celebration by some elements when Notre Dame burned. Or the recent vandalism of a church in America, where someone spraypainted "Abolish ICE," as if the Roman Catholic Church is on the side of ICE. [Brookfield Church Vandalized with 'Abolish ICE' Graffiti, by Rich Kirby, Patch, July 15, 2019] (If only.)

All this is simply part of a war on the West's history, culture, and heritage. Unfortunately, the Main Stream Media is silent, if not actively cheering it on. Regardless of the Church's actual policies on immigration or other issues, it will most likely be identified with patriotism and tradition by Open Borders zealots. Priests will continue to be targeted for that reason. 


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