Christmas Fights Back In Britain
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We've always been interested in the parallel British War Against Christmas because there's (still) an Established Church there and so no conceivable legal reason to ban Christmas in the schools etc., notwithstanding which it's happening anyway...proving that the Khristmaskampf's real motive is Christophobia. The London Daily Telegraph business editor Jeff Randall's anti-"Happy Holiday" card column noted yesterday has provoked massive support today. Not coincidentally, Randall has also eviscerated Tony Blair's rationale for the extraorinary wave of immigration New Labor has unleashed on Britain.

One feature of the British debate is that Christian clerics are speaking up, including the Ugandan-born Anglican Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu. (About time - Randall reports three out of four British offices now ban Christmas decorations.) When will American clerics join in?

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