Chris Farrell of BusinessWeek: Still "Enthusiastic" After All These Years
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Peter Brimelow(below) says that he got in "A lot of trouble"over a passage in Alien Nation to the effect that "There is a sense in which current immigration policy is Adolf Hitler’s posthumous revenge on America.". The example he linked to was Take Back Your Tired, Your Poor, BusinessWeek, April 17, 1995, by unbridled immigration enthusiast Chris Farrell, in which Farrell says that the book "enthusiastically attacks the supposed economic benefits of immigration (in the process indicting a 1992 BUSINESS WEEK Cover Story co-authored by this reviewer)".

That one is still online, too:


Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. . . .

BusinessWeek: July 13, 1992


Well, Farrell not only believed all that in 1992 and 1995, (in spite of the fact that he'd actually read Alien Nation) but he still believes it in 2010. In the face of a horrible recession, with 15 million Americans out of work, Farrell, who still has a job himself, is writing this in BusinessWeek, as recently as July 9, 2010

Immigration Can Fuel U.S. Innovation—and Job Growth

Lost amid the heated debate over U.S. policy is a key point: Immigrant entrepreneurs and skilled workers are a boon to the economy

By Chris Farrell July 9, 2010, 5:40PM EST

Arizona may be ground zero for the conflict over U.S. immigration policy, but it takes only a few minutes of watching cable television news and scanning local op-ed pages to see how raw and divisive the matter has become in the nation's political sphere.

Yet with all the heated rhetoric about illegals, border security, amnesty, racial profiling, and other incendiary topics, one aspect of immigration isn't emphasized enough: the job-creating potential of immigrant entrepreneurs. They're the vanguard in America's global competition for entrepreneurial talent and innovative ideas. The nation needs to encourage more entrepreneurs from other nations to call America home. Their energy is the elixir of future economic growth.

Then he goes on about how America gets foreign engineers, who throw American engineers out of work, and endanger the national security, or as he puts it "bolstering the competitiveness of American multinationals." However, he did manage to get through this one without quoting that damn poem.

Farrell is the author of Right on the Money: Taking Control of Your Personal Finances and Deflation: What Happens When Prices Fall? He has not, however, written a book called What To Do If An Immigrant Takes Your Job. That would be your problem.

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