Los Angeles Officials Coddle Rioting Foreigners
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In Los Angeles, the shooting of a drunk Guatemalan national with assorted IDs who was threatening people with a knife has resulted in two days of rioting this week. The drunk was shot dead after he lunged at a cop with the knife.

I listened to the John and Ken show for updates; one report was the guy (Manuel Jamines is but one of his several names) threatened a woman with a stroller (2pm hour, Sept 8).

Is the reaction of the city to clamp down on an area that has become a Third World enclave of illegal aliens unlawfully vending on the sidewalk?

Of course not. The aliens are being coddled with a warm and wonderful community meeting to hear their complaints about the police. The foreigners demonstrated their ire against law enforcement officers by throwing eggs and bottles (heh) at the Ramparts LAPD station.

Sensitive Hispanic Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has assembled a stellar line-up for the complaint-fest, including PD Chief Charlie Beck, Councilman Ed Reyes and consul generals of Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico.

Wouldn’t an ICE strike force be more appropriate? Oh, wait, I forgot that LA is a sanctuary city where foreign lawbreakers are pampered, and public safety is NOT job #1.

Another point of interest is how illegal aliens are like catnip to cop-hating Communists:

Self-styled Communists helped fuel Westlake clash with police, Los Angeles Times, September 8, 2010

When the Los Angeles Police Department faced hundreds of protesters on the streets of the Westlake District, some were people drawn to the event from other parts of the city for political reasons.

Twenty-two people were arrested Tuesday night after protesters clashed with police near a vigil for Manuel Jamines, a Guatamalan-born day laborer fatally shot Sunday by an officer who said Jamines refused to drop a knife.

Among those arrested was Jubilee Shine, 40, a South Los Angeles activist who heads the Coalition for Community Control Over the Police. Shine said he was arrested on 6th Street near Bonnie Brae Street just before 10 p.m.

He said he arrived in the area about 9:30 p.m. and was walking toward a crowd of demonstrators at the corner of 6th Street and Burlington Avenue when the crowd bolted toward him.

”People just started to split,” Shine said.

He said he turned to run but was ordered to the ground and handcuffed. Police have not released the names of those arrested, but Shine said the protesters with whom he shared a jail cell Tuesday night were all Central American or Mexican immigrants who live in and around Westlake.

”From what I could tell, everyone there was local from that neighborhood,” he said.

Some of the earlier unrest appeared to have been fueled by political activists from other parts of the city. About a dozen people who appeared to be affiliated with the Revolutionary Community Party handed out literature about its beliefs and other cases of officer-involved shootings, and chanted messages over bullhorns about a communist revolution.

Meanwhile, demonstrators from the neighborhood chanted, ”Police are racists and killers!”

Ahem. When bystanders were threatened by a dangerous armed drunk, they phoned the police, not a commie community activist.

Continuing. . .

As the night wore on, protesters clashed with police. Some, including a boy who appeared no older than 13, hurled rocks, bottles and eggs at officers and at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Rampart station building.

Some debris was thrown at officers from apartment house roofs. Other people burned trash bins in the street. Several said they planned to continue their demonstrations in coming days.

”We’re not going to stop,” said a man who on Tuesday night was standing in a crowd of about 200 chanting protesters near the corner of Union Avenue and 6th Street.

Police are hoping a community meeting near MacArthur Park, planned for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, will help defuse tension after a second consecutive night of violence in the neighborhood. The meeting is to be held at John Leichty Middle School at 650 S. Union Ave. [. . .]

Police showed photographs of the bloodied knife, with blade that is about 6 inches long when opened, that they say Jamines, 37, was holding at the time of the shooting. Investigators are testing the blood to see whose it is, the LAPD said.

Beck said the area where the incident occurred ”is not an easy place to police,” in part because of its large immigrant population and widespread illegal vending.

Why not clean out the lawbreaking behavior then? Once again, authorities have two different systems of law enforcement: the one for responsible citizens is strict, while treatment of lawbreaking foreigners is permissive, like they were children.

The result is a growing sense of entitlement despite their illegal status, as the riots illustrate.

Below, local aliens lovingly memorialized the violent drunk who threatened women and police with a knife.

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