Chinese Immigrant Woman Drowns And Decapitates 5-Year Old Son; "Houston Woman" Or "Texas Mom" In Press
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Lihui Liu,  a "Houston woman", drowned and decapitated her  5 - year-old son. She was depressed according to her husband and had been repeatedly treated for depression.[ Husband of Houston woman accused of drowning and decapitating son says his wife was depressed, By Miya Shay (KTRK) December 3, 2018] Both Liu and her husband are Chinese natives, but they are naturalized citizens of . . .Singapore. Almost all media reports call Liu Houston woman or Texas mom.[ Texas Mom Accused of Drowning and Decapitating Son, 5, Told Husband She'd 'Sent [Him] Away', People, December 3, 2018]

This story is tragic. Who cannot feel sad about a little boy being decapitated by his mother? But ultimately, we must ask:  Why are they here?

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