MSM, FBI, Cover Up For Indian Immigrant Spy Noshir Gowadia
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As I noted in Hedge Fund Galleon's Wall Street: Minority Occupied Territory, it is to the India's English language press to which one must look for candor about the U.S. misdeeds of Indian-origin miscreants. A case in point today: Indian-American gets 32 yrs for selling US secrets The Times Of India Jan 26, 2011

WASHINGTON: Indian-American Noshir Gowadia, a former B-2 stealth bomber engineer, was on Monday sentenced by a US court to 32 years in jail for selling American military secrets to China. Prosecutors alleged that the Mumbai-born Gowadia...had helped design an exhaust nozzle for China that gives off less heat, making it difficult for enemy infrared detectors to track missiles. He reportedly got $110,000 over two years. The sentencing comes weeks after China conducted a flight test of its new J-20 stealth fighter...Between 2003 and 2005, he made six secret trips to mainland China and exchanged numerous communications to help Chinese defence engineers design a cruise missile that can evade air-to-air, heat-seeking missiles, according the federal indictment against him.

Quite apart from the ethics involved in selling secrets to his adopted country's current main rival, the Gowadia case raises an extremely important issue: the likely loyalties of what is apparently President Obama's favorite immigrant group.

Intuition of this of course is why the American MSM has largely ignored this story. According to Google News at present, no major U.S. newspaper has so far carried it, and those reports as have appeared are extremely coy:

Even the FBI Press Release, contemptibly, describes Gowadia as an "Hawaiian Man" and avoids mentioning his ethnicity and immigrant origin.

After all, between the security of the country and the public image of a fashionable immigrant group, how could there be a choice? H/T Diversity is Chaos

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