Chinese Man Decapitates Canadian On Bus
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Vince Weiguang LiA Chinese man named Vince Weiguang Li stabbed, gutted, and decapitated a Canadian named Tim McLean on a bus in Manitoba, while the other passengers fled in a cowardly fashion. [Kevin Libin: No 'Let's Roll' moment on Greyhound 1170, National Post, August 01, 2008]

We at are curious to know if he's a recent immigrant, or an example of the "second-generation criminal" phenomenon. Lawrence Auster, who has done a very good job on this, wonders if he may be a Muslim, and has some evidence. Not unlikey, there are Muslims in China, and anyone can be a convert to Islam. And of course, it's the first thing you should think of when you hear "decapitated."

But what are the chances of them telling us he's a Muslim, or an immigrant, when they won't even mention that a man named Weiguang Li is Chinese? As of 12:51 EST there are 994 references to Weiguang Li on Google News, no references to Weiguang Li AND Chinese.

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