Childishness with a Capital "B"
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From MetroTimes:

Major outlets that spell ‘Black’ with a capital B now include ‘LA Times,’ ‘BuzzFeed News,’ and MSNBC
Posted By Lee DeVito on Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 2:17 pm

The Los Angeles Times, BuzzFeed News, NBC News, and MSNBC are among the latest publications to change their style guides to capitalize “Black” when referring to people of the African diaspora — something that industry leaders the Associated Press and New York Times have still not yet called for.

On Thursday, Sarah Glover, the former president of the National Association for Black Journalists, said “the time has come for all news media to capitalize the B in Black” in an open letter calling on The Associated Press to update its style guide. …

Los Angeles Times journalist Erin B. Logan made the announcement that their newsroom was making the change on Tuesday, referring to a memo sent from the paper’s executive editor Norman Pearlstine. “The conversation taking place at The Los Angeles Times and across the country reflects a necessary and long overdue shift in thinking about racism,” he wrote. “Without exception The Times is opposed to racism.”

… On Friday, Erik Wemple, who reports on media for The Washington Post, tweeted that NBC News and MSNBC would also make the change. …

“This step is a good first step to affirm the significance of being Black in America,” Glover wrote in her open letter. “This matters. It’s to bring humanity to a group of people who have experienced forms of oppression and discrimination since they first came to the United States 401 years ago as enslaved people.”…

This is the kind of childish thing that 5th graders get worked up over.

Perhaps the metaphor of blacks as our Sacred Cow should be modified to blacks as our Golden Calf?

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