TimesWatch Analysis Of Pro-Amnesty Propaganda
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TimesWatch is a subsidiary of the Media Research Center, which for years has done very little on the subject of pro-immigration bias in the media, leaving it VDARE.com, among others. But they have good item on the New York Times's bias in the recent amnesty debates. They cover several stories, the items below are from Immigrants Work On as Bill Dies and Views Divide

Julia Preston's short entry profiled Tamar Jacoby of the Manhattan Institute, one of the few conservatives who supported Bush's immigration bill. By contrast, none of the conservative activists (or bloggers) who successfully lobbied against the amnesty bill were interviewed by the Times (some were quoted), even though their side actually won the debate in the Senate.

"Broken Dreams, Broken Families" was the subhead over James McKinley's short piece from Mexico (!), which put the onus on America to solve the economic plight of Mexicans.

"Residents here are used to promises of change in United States immigration laws that never pan out, just as they are accustomed to being separated from family members and to lining up at money-transfer agencies to collect remittances from far-flung relatives.

"'It’s the same that they have always done — they say they will do it but they don’t,' said Ren?© Leon, as he left a Western Union office where he had picked up some money wired by his brothers in New York. 'It’s a game to them.'"

Why Mexico isn't taking care of its own citizens is not addressed.[Nativist GOP Doomed By Anti-Amnesty Vote? by Clay Waters, 7/2/2007]

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