Charles Murray, Genes, And SLATE
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From the great Charles Murray on Twitter:

Slate is refuting, easily, Malcolm Gladwell's 10, 000 hour idea, which is that since great violinists, athletes, and so on can often be shown to have practiced for 10, 000 hours, anyone could become great, if they were willing to practice.

Gladwell sold a lot of copies of his book Outlierswhich says this—see The Fading Of The Gladwell Era: 10,000-Hours Of Practice Won't Nullify Genetic Factors, by Steve Sailer.

In 2007, William Saletan, Slate’s “Human nature" correspondent, defended James Watson on race differences in IQ

He was made to recant, probably by his editor, Bell Curve and Alien Nation hater Jacob Weisberg:

Subsequently, writing on the No Child Left Behind Act showed that he’d learned his lesson:

Watch Slate to see if these new writers are made to recant.

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