Cato Institute: Hispanic Americans Are Disloyal, And Republicans Should Not Be Seeking Their Votes
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This is from Emily Eakins, a researcher with the Open Borders promoting Cato Institute.

Now, of course, Ms. Eakins is not actually saying that Hispanic Americans are disloyal, and Republicans should not be seeking their votes. But that's what she's implying.

If Hispanic Americans are putting solidarity with their fellow Hispanics illegally immigrating ahead of the defense of the United States, then they're disloyal.  See my Charles Garcia—A Quisling Tries To Put “Illegal Immigrant” Down The Memory Hole for more on this.

And why should a Republican care what the Disloyal-American voter thinks? While we have frequently criticized Republican politicians for acting like Disloyal-Americans themselves, the actual Disloyal-American voter generally votes Democratic—out of party loyalty.


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