Catholic Church Promotes Open Borders...Gets Sued By Hispanics Over English-Only Schools
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To hear the Catholic League's William Donahue tell it, the three Hispanic families who are suing the Catholic Diocese of Wichita because of an English-only policy at St. Anne Catholic School, are, well, you know, a bunch of ingrates, Lou Dobbs Tonight, Aug. 13.

As Dobbs duly noted at the top of his conversation with Donahue:

No church, to my knowledge, has been more supportive of Hispanic immigrants into this country, than the Catholic Church. For this tone to be taken between three Hispanic families and the diocese of Wichita, I mean, that's sort of breath-taking, isn't it?[Lou Dobbs, August 13, 2008 ]
Said an obviously steamed Donahue:
Now look, a Catholic school is a private institution. You know what you're buying. You can't have somebody coming in there and saying, I want you to rid the scriptures because I don't like the way your rules are. You can shop around. You can go down the block to another school, including a public school. Catholic schools have autonomy. (Except, as in St. Anne's case, they are foolish enough to accept federal funding. This school just learned the hard way that there is no such thing as a free lunch).
But, golly, Mr. Donahue, are you saying you want to have it both ways?

Dobbs is right on with his overview of the problem. For years now the Catholic Church, struggling to shore up its declining membership, has been sticking its unwelcome nose into a public policy issue that affects every aspect of our daily lives and expending none of its cash to support its de facto "Welcome the stranger" program. Ever wonder how much of the Catholic Church's money is being spent on the Supreme Court-mandated "free" public school education for illegals or their "free" medical care? Zero. Zip. Nada.

Making the Vatican's meddling even more infuriating is the fact that while many of its leaders, most notably the illegal-alien loving Roger Cardinal Mahony , were preaching to us about our "moral" obligation to care for those here in search of a better life, they also were very busy covering up for pedophile priests across the nation.

Memo to Mr. Donahue: Stop whining and pay attention to how all of this works.

Whenever you have large numbers of people from one racial or ethnic group pouring into a country, the wheels come off the assimilation process. In this particular case, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, more than half (55 percent) of all immigrants arriving here legally or otherwise, are from Spanish-speaking nations, Mexicans being the largest of this group (31.3 percent). What happens next is that these large numbers of one group look around and notice that they don't need to assimilate in order to survive and begin building power regardless of their immigration status. They become emboldened because of support from our pandering politicians and greedy business community that is always on the lookout for new "market niches." Their power—and in certain cases—arrogance, also get a boost from organized religion that, as I noted earlier, wants to fill pews regardless of the cost to the rest of us.

Think about this: If this new political power, as we are now seeing used especially by the more radical Hispanic groups and their allies, is allowing them to push the federal government around, why not start leaning on the Catholic Church? Where does it say your church should be immune from having its hand bitten by those it feeds if it helps them attain their goals?

To put it another way, Mr. Donahue, would it be fair to suggest that the Catholic Church has failed to heed the warning from the Apostle Paul (Galatians 6:7) that whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap?

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