(Not) Thinking About The Coming White Minority
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In response to my blog Dog Bites Man. Immigration Bites White Majority, about the latest Census projections, a Texas reader writes:

Peter, I read this story in the paper this morning, it's so damned depressing! Is there ANY hope of stopping this insanity which is turning our country into an overcrowded Third World dump? I get so damned discouraged for my kid's future! [Name withheld] [Address Withheld], Texas (aka Bombay west)

P.S. It did inspire me to donate $100 to V-Dare


It is notable how little comment there's been on this story - judging by Google, it actually seems to interest the foreign media more. National Review's only reaction was a pathetically pollyannish squib.

My answer to our reader, of course, is that there is indeed hope - as I said in 2006, in my huge Time To Rethink Immigration (II) article, when it looked like amnesty, which was really just an acceleration of post-1965 immigration policy's effects, was going to pass. It is the hope of the gulag - ”They were filled with the fearlessness of those who have lost everything, the fearlessness which is not easy to come by but which endures”, Solzhentisyn wrote of his zeks. But it is hope, and you will read about it on VDARE.COM, not in the MSM.

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