(Not) Thinking About The Coming White Minority
August 15, 2008, 09:53 PM
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In response to my blog Dog Bites Man. Immigration Bites White Majority, about the latest Census projections, a Texas reader writes:

Peter, I read this story in the paper this morning, it`s so damned depressing! Is there ANY hope of stopping this insanity which is turning our country into an overcrowded Third World dump? I get so damned discouraged for my kid`s future! [Name withheld] [Address Withheld], Texas (aka Bombay west)

P.S. It did inspire me to donate $100 to V-Dare


It is notable how little comment there`s been on this story - judging by Google, it actually seems to interest the foreign media more. National Review`s only reaction was a pathetically pollyannish squib.

My answer to our reader, of course, is that there is indeed hope - as I said in 2006, in my huge Time To Rethink Immigration (II) article, when it looked like amnesty, which was really just an acceleration of post-1965 immigration policy`s effects, was going to pass. It is the hope of the gulag - �They were filled with the fearlessness of those who have lost everything, the fearlessness which is not easy to come by but which endures�, Solzhentisyn wrote of his zeks. But it is hope, and you will read about it on VDARE.COM, not in the MSM.