Cantor's KIDs Act: Illegals Up To 30 Years Old, Who Entered As Teens
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The Democrats have been pushing the DREAM Act for years. Its formal title is "Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors".

Jon Feere, writing at, says

But even though the "M" in the acronymous DREAM Act stands for "Minors", the amnesty has never been limited to people 17 years of age or younger and most beneficiaries would, in fact, be adults. While some versions of the DREAM Act restricted recipients to illegal aliens under age 35, the most recent version had no upper age limit.[ Is the “Kids Act” Amnesty Really Just for Kids? Probably Not, February 2014]

What about Eric Cantor's proposed KIDs Act? (I don't know that there is an acronym behind it—last July I suggested that the D stands for "Donor")

Feere's backgrounder has five sections

1. Will the Kids Act Amnesty Only Benefit Minors?

2. Do Applicants Actually Have to Have Been Brought Here?

3. Will the KIDS Act Help Lawbreaking Parents Stay in the Country?

4. How Many Illegal Aliens Will Benefit?

5. Will the Kids Act Contain Any Enforcement Measures?

As far as the age is concerned, Feere says that

Thus far, the proposal sounds like it is being designed to convert President Obama's lawless Deferred Action decree — which legalizes illegal aliens as old as 30 — into actual law. Instead of going after Obama for making an end run around Congress and the Constitution, the GOP is apparently following his lead, thereby encouraging similar lawlessness in the future.

And of course, the "KIDs" were frequently not "brought" to the United States, but came on their own as great big teenagers.

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