Of Cantaloupes And Criminals, NYT And Treason Lobby Still Targeting Steve King
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The NYT reports on a demonstration where a bunch of immigration group leaders, in an move intended to show that immigrants aren't criminals, committed a crime (a mob of them sat down in the middle of a street) and got themselves arrested.

Meanwhile, young immigrants delivered cantaloupes to the offices of more than 200 House lawmakers who voted in June to halt an Obama administration program that provides reprieves from deportation for some young people here illegally. That vote was on an amendment by Representative Steve King of Iowa, a Republican who created a stir last week when he said that many young immigrants had “calves the size of cantaloupes” from running drugs across the Southwest border.[Advocates for Immigrants Up the Ante in a Capitol Sit-In That Brings Arrests, By JULIA PRESTON,  August 1, 2013 ]

This is so stupid. Here  are some calves: Calf

Here is a cantaloupe:


Here are some marchers through the desert, not being caught by the Border Patrol, and certainly not having their backpacks examined by Customs:

Line of illegals

Representative King's point was not really about developing your muscles—as you can see from the illustration above, people working their calves do step exercises rather than marching, which is more aerobic.

It was about the fact that illegal juveniles from Mexico are working very hard at drug-smuggling (as we've shown) and not very hard at school at all.

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