Cantor Emerges As Kevorkian Republican; Derbyshire To Reply
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Majority Leader Cantor decisively joined the ranks of the Kevorkian Republicans—assisting the GOP, and the U.S., down the path to suicide—with his covert-amnesty/increase skilled immigration AEI speech today. National Review, fawning as usual on any conceivable source of Establishment patronage, posted the speech along with an uncritical summary.

But a commenter "SteveM" effectively struck back (first post):

Related to STEM, Cantor's in the back pocket of the Crony Capitalists who prefer cheap, compliant immigrant labor rather than hire native born American technologists.

H-1B and other STEM pathways are reasons why more American kids don't enroll in STEM academic programs. Because the immigrant STEM glut lowers wages and they'd have to compete for jobs with immigrants who would work as indentured servants for Green Cards. Ask any IT person what it's like.

Moreover, Romney's promise to "Staple a Green Card" to the diploma of EVERY foreigner with an American STEM graduate degree was totally mindless. A sop to the Cronies. Because it does nothing to take into account the quality of the academic programs or the students themselves or the actual demand for STEM sub-disciplines. E.g.,Pharma has taken a meat axe to R&D, laying off TENS of THOUSANDS of technologists. Yet Crony-Enablers like Cantor want to ensure that native born American technologists continue to pound the pavement while foreign born workers are hired to replace them.

On another note, Cantor has this great "vision" for America, but he also wants to continue to inflate the already massive Military-Security Leviathan and continue the obsolete and unaffordable role of America as World Cop. DoD spends over $400,000,000 a year on military bands alone, but Cantor couldn't find a dime in savings or waste.

It's about time that money was repatriated and redirected.

Cantor's a standard issue Beltway Hack.

Hard to improve on that, but John DerbyshireFree At Last from NR—will try for tomorrow night.

Watch Cantor's speech:
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