California Doesn't Have A Water SHORTage, It Has A Population LONGage (Pop 38.4 Million)
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Above, Lake Tahoe is so low that you can use metal detectors on land formerly under water  is a is a grassroots membership organization committed to stabilizing U.S. population in order to safeguard the carrying capacity of the United States. They've issued an alert (MASS IMMIGRATION INTENSIFIES WATER CRISIS! But there is A SOLUTION) on the subject of the astounding levels of drought in California. (See some discussion of it here.)

The average 'Water Footprint' of each person in the USA is 2,220 Gallons per Day!! (Atlantic CityLab & Calif. Institute for Water Resources) “Water Footprint” means the total volume of Freshwater consumed (5%) directly in washing, cooking etc. and (95%) indirectly in the production of FOOD, goods and services for each person.

And U.S. Population continues to grow explosively, from 150 Million in 1950 to appx. 320 Million in 2015.

As of 2015, 83% of U.S. Population Growth, and nearly 100% of California's, comes from Legal and Illegal Immigration & births to Immigrants (longtime American residents are dying or moving out of California). (U.S. Census &

If current trends (1 Million Legal immigrants plus hundreds of thousands of Illegals per Year) continue, by 2023 one in seven U.S. residents will be foreign-born (U.S. Census Bureau). And in 2015, 10 Million of California's 40 Million Residents are Foreign Born (Public Policy Institute. of California).

But Serious Drought Conditions affect 38% of the U.S.A., encompassing much of the Midwest, Southwest, Intermountain west and West (National Drought Monitor — ). The Great Plains Oglalla Acquifer and other underground aquifers are being drawn down well in excess of recharge rates, resulting in possibly permanent damage. Thus, a Serious Threat of another Dust Bowl a la the 1930s is developing. Food Supplies from the Great Plains, as well as California, are at increasing risk.

Consider that California, the U.S.A.’s Leading Source of Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables and other crops, has only ONE YEAR of water left in its above-ground Reservoirs, and the groundwater back-up system is severely depleted by low rain and snowfall and by withdrawals far in excess of recharge rates (hydrologist, Jay Famiglietti, NASA/Cal Tech

The problem is that California doesn't so much have a water shortage as it has population longage—the same as the United States in general does. If you Google "California population" you get a figure 38.8 million (2014) and useful Google Chart with sliders that will tell you that California's population has doubled since the 1965 Immigration Act. That's the problem. And while the LA Times story they link to features a video of  protesters who want Nestle's to stop putting water in bottles, there are no protesters trying to stop immigration. If there were, the LA Times would call them racist.
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