CAIR Apparatchik Sues Oklahoma over Sharia Ban
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The voters agreed by a large majority that Islamic law has no place in Oklahoma, now or ever. But the ballots were hardly counted when terrorist-affiliated Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) declared a lawsuit against the people. Some (many?) Muslim immigrants insist upon their alien ideology, based upon the idea of a worldwide caliphate. They are not a group desirous of joining the American community—a fact which becomes more clear every day.

For example, the hostility underlying the Ground Zero mosque project is typical, not an aberration. Keep in mind that sharia views women and infidels as inherently inferior. Death is the normal punishment for apostasy, homosexuality and adultery. It is a system of primitive cruelty—amputations and stoning are common—from ancient Arabia that should not be allowed in the west in any way. A lawsuit against a very popular initiative is no way to win friends and influence people, but CAIR seems unable to function in any other way. Polling about Muslims shows growing suspicion over time.

Oklahoma Is Sued Over Shariah Ban, Wall Street Journal, November 5, 2010 A Muslim activist in Oklahoma City filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging a voter-approved measure that bars Oklahoma state judges from considering Shariah, the Islamic religious code based on the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed’s teachings, in formulating rulings. State Question 755, which passed Tuesday with 70% of the vote, declares "the legal precepts of other nations or cultures" off-limits to Oklahoma courts. "Specifically, the courts shall not consider international law or Sharia Law," it reads. The suit, filed by Muneer Awad, director of the state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, asks the federal district court to block officials from certifying the referendum. Mr. Awad says the measure violates the First Amendment, which protects "free exercise" of religion and prohibits official "establishment of religion." A hearing was set for Monday. The complaint alleges Oklahoma has singled out Islam for "profound stigma," consigning Muslims such as Mr. Awad "to an ineffectual position within the political community."

The Oklahomans are merely exercising reasonable caution. When Muslim immigrants are admitted in large numbers, then brutal, misogynous sharia law is sure to follow, as Europeans have learned the hard way:

Britain has 85 sharia courts: The astonishing spread of the Islamic justice behind closed doors, Daily Mail, June 29, 2009 At least 85 Islamic sharia courts are operating in Britain, a study claimed yesterday. The astonishing figure is 17 times higher than previously accepted. The tribunals, working mainly from mosques, settle financial and family disputes according to religious principles. They lay down judgments which can be given full legal status if approved in national law courts.

It’s a slippery slope, particularly when authorities are politically correct weasels, afraid to enforce the law of the people. Here’s James Woolsey on the Oklahoma case.

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