Buzzphrase Alert: "Generational Wealth" (="White People Have Too Much Of The Money")
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During the Great Awokening, the phrase “generational wealth” has become fashionable. It means, in effect, having so much money that you can’t blow it all on yourself and thus will leave some for your kids. It’s a nice thing to have.

The New York Times uses the phrase in a variety of contexts, but, increasingly, in complaints about how blacks have not enough generational wealth and whites have too much and so something better be done about it.

For example, Nikole Hannah-Jones wrote during the Racial Reckoning:

It Is Time for Reparations

… In other words, while black Americans were being systematically, generationally deprived of the ability to build wealth, while also being robbed of the little they had managed to gain, white Americans were not only free to earn money and accumulate wealth with exclusive access to the best jobs, best schools, best credit terms, but they were also getting substantial government help in doing so.

… You do not have to have laws forcing segregated housing and schools if white Americans, using their generational wealth and higher incomes, can simply buy their way into expensive enclaves with exclusive public schools that are out of the price range of most black Americans.

Celebrated spokespeople like Pulitzer Prize-winner Hannah-Jones people aren’t being subtle about their demands for “equity” and “generational wealth.” They want to substantially dispossess you of yours.

Of course, it would almost all be gone within a generation:

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