Bureau Of Justice Statistics Has Canceled Its "Homicide Trends In The United States" Report. Why Would You Want To Be Well-informed About Homicide Trends, Citizen?
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The federal Bureau of Justice Statistics (which sounds like where Batman’s nerdy cousin works) has published 86 reports so far this year on a broad array of topics concerning crime and law enforcement. For instance, here’s an interesting recent tweet from them promoting their November report “Suicide in Local Jails and State and Federal Prisons”:

For example, BJS has published five reports so far in 2021 with the word “hate” in the title.

But two words no longer ever appear in the titles on BJS reports: “murder” (not since 2001) and “homicide” (not since July 2014). Here are all the BJS reports of this century with “homicide” in the title.

There used to be a standard report updated intermittently called “Homicide Trends in the United States.”

It included useful graphs such as in the 2011 update:

A document entitled “Homicide Trends in the United States” kinda sounds like an interesting and important report for the Bureau of Justice Statistics to inform the public about on a regular basis, right?

Apparently not. The last full update was published over ten years ago and a less informative version in 2013, when the Obama Administration removed all the information about the demographics of known murder offenders and instead just reported victim demographics.

After all, what is less important to keep the public well-informed about than “Homicide Trends in the United States”?

In case you are wondering, the word “homicides” last appeared in the title of a BJS report in 1999 and the word “murders” never.

This is not to say that the diligent researcher can’t find numbers about homicide trends somewhere in the hundreds of reports issued over the last decade by the BJS. But putting them together in one easy-to-find document is Just Not Done Anymore.

Note that I first complained about what the Obama Administration BJS was up to back in 2013, when I pointed out that the BJS used to have a website devoted to making it super easy to look up the Homicide Trends graphs, with separate URLs for each topic, which was very convenient for online comments and debates.

Then the Obama Administration took down the website and left up only the lengthy PDF for you to download and look through.

Then in 2013 it stopped publishing in the newest PDF the radioactive data on known homicide offenders to coddle black fantasies that the reason Gun Violence Descends on black neighborhoods so much is due to all the white murderers killing blacks.

Then it stopped updating the Homicide Trends report at all and the Trump Administration did zero about it. I don’t expect the Biden Administration to bring it back either.

I apologize if my coverage of the demographics of homicide trends over the years and decades may seem repetitious and pedantic to my long-suffering readers. But, during the national insanity from May 25, 2020 to who knows when it will end, you have to admit that the powerful have succeeded in persuading a large fraction of the public to not notice what’s in front of their noses. What goes unsaid eventually goes unthought and then we start destroying our civilization because we can’t even conceive of the truth anymore.

I’ve taken on the role of the kid who points out the emperor has no clothes. But, it turns out, Hans Christian Andersen didn’t quite get it all right. Instead of suddenly realizing the truthteller is right, people tend to get mad at him, or at least wish he’d stop making such a fuss about such a minor matter as murder.

Fortunately, some people do get it, and to you I’m immensely grateful for your psychological and financial support.

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