Catch And Release: The Biden Amnesty Program
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Good news, America, the Biden Regime has solved the “children in cages” problem; it will be “catch and release” again. Sadly, Republicans like Ted Cruz handed this victory to the Open Borders crowd by crying about a nonissue, children in cages, while the real problem of Open Borders remained. Instead of attacking Biden for destroying the border and opening up the nation to invasion, Cruz and others decided they would play a political game inspired by Saul Alinsky—hold out your opponent as a hypocrite, rather than as an evil and degenerate enemy. Consequently, Republicans adopted the “children in cages” theme to their criticism of the Biden open borders amnesty policy.

And, like the incompetents they are, the Republicans lost this battle over hypocrisy, rather than win a war on American opposition to Open Borders. The borders remain open to every illegal alien who wants to enter the United States, but there are no “children in cages” anymore.

First, the borders remain open. Harping about children in cages did nothing, politically or policy wise.

According to a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the wave of migrants crossing the border has led to overcrowding in eight of the nine southwest Border Patrol sectors. Breitbart Texas reviewed detention logs showing every sector except Big Bend is over capacity per COVID-19 guidelines.

Despite efforts to transfer detainees to other facilities operated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency is currently detaining more than 15,000 migrants, according to the detention log. Border Patrol is also releasing thousands into the U.S. to clear its facilities.

Records show more than 2,000 migrants were released Wednesday, December 8. Border Patrol granted parole in some cases to speed the release process — numbering nearly 700 that day alone.

[EXCLUSIVE: Most Southwest Border Patrol Sector Migrant Detention Counts Exceed COVID Capacities, by Randy Clark, Breitbart, December 9, 2021]

So, we can observe that rhetoric “holding Biden accountable” has been less than ineffective; it has allowed the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty to continue unabated. The Biden Regime is laughing at Cruz and others as they developed their quick reaction policy to moving illegal aliens though the detention system upon initial arrest to release within 72 hours. This is the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty: all illegal aliens, under the cover of families, are now released and rewarded with employment authorization and welfare eligibility immediately, with no plans to deport them amid an ongoing policy of dropping deportation proceeding after the aliens are processed into the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).

This is a bait and switch. The law says that once aliens are arrested, they are held in custody until ordered removed or admitted by an immigration judge in the EOIR.

But instead, under the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, the aliens are encountered at the border, quickly processed for a hearing at the EOIR or an appointment at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) onward office, then, once the case is set before the Office of the Principal Legal Advisor (OPLA), the immigration prosecutors in ICE, the OPLA then notifies the EOIR that ICE is dropping deportation proceedings, and the alien remains in the United States without being either ordered removed or ordered admitted, an administrative amnesty run through the EOIR and OPLA. This is because should the Biden Regime follow the law, the aliens will of legal necessity be ordered removed and ICE will be required by law to remove an alien. An alien ordered removed is a political embarrassment, so better to disappear the alien into the United States to be ignored, and importantly not be counted as an absconder.

Furthermore, an alien in custody, family or not, remains an embarrassment to the Biden Regime, which promised to end detention of illegal aliens, so something must be done, at least as required by law, either processing for immediate deportation (Expedited Removal) or holding a hearing before the EOIR. Under the Obama Regime, custody for illegal aliens was made attractive; under Biden, custody was just ended. Better for the Regime to get the alien, the “children in cages,” out of custody and into the United States, where they can vote, work, and receive welfare, which is why they are all coming and which the Biden Regime wants to encourage.

The Biden administration is ending the practice of holding undocumented migrant families in detention centers, turning to remote tracking technology such as ankle bracelets as alternatives.

Driving the news: As of Friday, the U.S. had zero migrant families in detention facilities, according to internal government data obtained by Axios — with the last and largest facility used for the practice now being slated to hold only single adults.

More than 100 migrant family members were removed or released from the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas, between Thursday and Friday of last week.

That brought the total detained family population to zero, according to the internal data.

“ICE has chosen to shift its usage of the Dilley facility to focus on single adults,” an ICE spokesperson confirmed to Axios, “consistent with the administration’s goals of addressing irregular migration while supporting a system of border management that is orderly, safe and humane.”

Why it matters: The change marks a significant shift in immigration policy, and the fulfillment of an early call from then-presidential candidate Joe Biden to release families from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention.

[Scoop: Biden To Stop Holding Undocumented Families In Detention Centers, by Stef Knight, Axios, December 15, 2021]

Note that addressing a problem here is not solving the problem by stopping it; addressing the problem is making the problem worse. But that is the plan, transforming a nation by electing a new people.

The big picture: Earlier this year, the Biden administration transformed two of the family centers into quick-turn processing facilities, with the goal of releasing families within 72 hours.

Now, they’re altogether doing away with using these sites for families.

The Border Patrol released tens of thousands of families without so much as a tracking device due to the unusually high numbers in the summer. Border numbers have been declining from a peak earlier this year, but they remain higher than usual for the fall and winter months.

Quick-turn facilities, no tracking devices, the plan is completing the smuggling process, something that was the operational policy of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, that is the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty.


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