British Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown's World-Class Immigration Gaffe
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(This is a linked version of material I used in our much-needed fundraiser tonight.)

Did you see British Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s world-class immigration gaffe today? He was caught by a lapel microphone complaining contemptuously to an aide that a (Labour-supporting) white working class woman with whom he’d just had a vigorous but apparently amicable campaign trail conversation was ”bigoted”. Of course, this merely confirms what has long been obvious: the left-wing lawyers and functionaries who now run Labor secretly despise the party’s traditional base. (Sound familiar, Democrats?)

But what really interested me, however, is that this poor woman actually only made one brief passing reference to immigration (”You can’t say anything about the immigrants…” It's at 2:31 here). And she was talking about Eastern European immigration i.e. no racial angle at all. However, it was enough to set Brown off.

And, amazingly, in his subsequent apology on national television, he still repeatedly excused himself on the grounds that she had dared to mention immigration. He clearly just assumed every right-thinking person would agree that any reference to immigration justified his righteous rage.

Last night, we posted our Allan Wall’s expose of the reaction in Mexico and the Spanish-language media in the U.S. to Arizona’s SB 1070. Wall revealed their relentless hatred of U.S. nationhood and sovereignty–particularly ominous in the case of those who are technically U.S. citizens.

What the Brown incident reveals is the British elite’s relentless hostility to any hint of national sentiment in their own population–and their passionate enthusiasm for immigration.

Exactly the same forces are at work in the US today (as throughout the English-speaking world–the Anglosphere.)

This explains the American elite’s hysterical reaction to SB 1070–which, after all, only seeks to enforce what is already the law. It also explains this depressing development, reported last night by’s Kasie Hunt:

HILL REPUBLICANS DODGE ON ARIZONA LAW Democrats can’t shout loud enough about how much they hate Arizona’s harsh immigration law. But Republican lawmakers are hedging, dodging, and reaching for nuance–anything to avoid taking a strong stand on Arizona…. Everyone in the Republican Party says it’s Washington’s fault for neglecting the illegal immigration problem, but virtually no congressional Republicans are fully embracing what Arizona has done.
This despite that fact that, as James Fulford reported on VDARE.COM’s blog today, polls show that SB 1070 is overwhelmingly popular in Arizona and Governor Brewer’s approval rating has soared since she signed it.

These Beltway Republicans are afraid–afraid to take up a cause even though it would benefit them politically because they fear elite rage.

Of course, as Editor of VDARE.COM, I think this demonstrates the utter failure and fatuousness of any patriotic immigration reform strategy that focuses on the Beltway. More than 25 years of expensive lobbying and this is the best we can get?

Patriotic immigration reform will only come from the grass roots. It will only come when the political culture changes.

That is why VDARE.COM’s strategy is to supply the grassroots with facts and arguments–and to boldly go, intellectually, into key areas that the curse of Political Correctness has ruled off-limits.

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