Brimelow Vindicated: Thatcher Distrusted Mexicans, And Indians Too
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Some skeptics have questioned my account of Margaret Thatcher's private comments to me back in the early 1990s, seizing on my scrupulous footnote:

"I don't like Mexicans," she said. "Mexicans will be the ruin of America."

At least, that's what I remember her saying. Obviously I wasn't recording the conversation and memory can play tricks. But of her instantly grasping the Reconquista threat, and of the intensity of her reaction to it, I have no doubt whatever.

That's what you get for being fair. But I can't help it, it's a WASP thing.

As it happens, corroborative circumstantial evidence has been supplied by an Australian reader:

Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher made "unabashedly racist" comments during a conversation with Bob Carr, the Foreign Affairs Minister has told Lateline...

Senator Carr says he was "astonished" when Thatcher, dubbed the 'Iron Lady' during her time in 10 Downing Street, told him that Australia would end up like Fiji if it continued to allow Asian migrants in.

Senator Carr's Malaysian-born wife Helena was in the room at the time.

"I was astonished," Senator Carr told Lateline last night.

"Helena, fortunately, was out of ear shot.

"I remember one thing she said as part of that conversation, she said: 'You will end up like Fiji.'

"She said, 'I like Sydney but you can't allow the migrants' - and in context she meant Asian migration - 'to take over, otherwise you will end up like Fiji where the Indian migrants have taken over.'

"I was so astonished I don't think I could think of an appropriate reply. I think we moved on to other subjects pretty quickly.

Carr 'astonished' by Thatcher's 'racist' comments, ABC News, April 10, 2013

Given the bone-headed stupidity and closed-mindedness of the Left, it doesn't surprise me that Carr, a member of Australia's Labor Government, couldn't think of "an appropriate reply."

But he has less excuse than most, because his wife is Malayasian. He must know that the social strains introduced into Malayasia by the importation of Chinese are so intense that the Malay majority has imposed the drastic "Bumiputra" (= son of the soil) Program designed to reinforce Malay dominance through Affirmative Action and other forms of systematic favoritism.

For that matter, Lady Thatcher was undeniably right about Fiji, where the similar strains between imported Indians and the indigenous Fijians has resulted in repeated military coups (as I pointed in my 1992 National Review cover story that grew into Alien Nation).

So, clearly, Margaret Thatcher was indeed aware of ethnic problems introduced by immigration. I am vindicated.

Too bad she didn't do more about it, but, hey, she did help Ronald Reagan win the Cold War.

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