A Chance To Act: Protest Refugee Industry To State Department!
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Chin (Burmese) refugees assimilating in Lancaster PA

Refugee Resettlement Watch, the Patriotic authority on the iniquitous Refugee Industry (and on Food Stamp Fraud) has issued a call to arms

Do not be silent!

The US State Department holds a hearing, usually in May, largely populated by the refugee contractors telling sob stories and looking to boost the number and variety of refugees (not to mention the contractor’s income) to be admitted to the US in the upcoming fiscal year. My report on last year’s hearing is here.

Last year, and maybe for the first time ever, critical comments outnumbered those looking to add more refugees to already overloaded cities and states. Let’s do it again!

adding a word of no doubt dearly-earned wisdom:

Now listen-up, this is important! If you don’t copy your testimony to your elected officials, you can be sure your testimony to the State Department will never see the light of day!

Details at Your one chance to voice your opinion on refugees for fiscal year 2014! Don’t miss it!


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