Boston Herald Columnist Denounces Immigration Costs - Gets Huge Applause
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Demonstrating its superiority over its Treason Lobby neighbor, The Boston Herald today allowed a columnist to publish There’s work to be done on immigration By Holly Robichaud Monday, September 5, 2011, which is a furious denunciation of the burden to taxpayers caused by illegal immigration: 

"Happy Labor Day. You deserve a holiday. But don’t take too much time off. While most of us are working longer hours to keep up with inflation, lower wages and higher taxes, others such as President Obama’s Auntie Zeituni are depending on us for their livelihoods.

There are no line items in the federal, state or municipal budgets for how much illegal immigration is costing us. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact we are paying a hefty price." 

She does not miss the employment aspect: 

"By cracking down on businesses, the federal government could create millions of employment opportunities and a huge savings in unemployment benefits. If 25 percent of illegal immigrants are employed, that’s up to 3 million jobs. To put that in perspective, this week Obama will announce his plan for creating a million jobs." 

Robichaud’s column is not perfect. She misnames the Center for Immigration Studies, her source for statistics in the third paragraph, and omits to stress the use of fraudulent documents by illegals (including Obama’s Uncle Omar), which is how they access benefits theoretically not available and reduce their taxes paid. Some of her few opponents try to take advantage ot this. 

(Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich of course has produced fine concrete documentation on the welfare burden of illegals in his jurisdiction–see here and here.) 

Most importantly, she does not mention the Obama Administrative Amnesty Coup, which unless reversed renders the discussion pointless. 

But it is heartening to see the essay, and far more, to see the overwhelming, passionate and well-informed response on the comment thread – 71 as I write, with very few opponents. Consider this post by AngelicaS

How is it that this very energized constituency and glaring issue goes ignored by GOP election contenders

Robichaud is a Republican Campaign Consultant.  A major Campaign needs her services.

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