Border Patrol Numbers Document Biden Border Rush
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These are the latest crossing numbers from the Border Patrol website.

The Border Patrol reports 100,441 apprehensions  in February—nearly three times the number of last February (36,514).

This was the ninth straight month of increase from April 2020, when 16,789 were apprehended.

John Derbyshire wrote recently:

Biden's people are insouciant. Asked at a White House briefing on Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas told us there is no crisis at the border. Actual quote:

I think there is a challenge at the border that we are managing, and we have our resources dedicated to managing it.

Plainly, though, it's chaos down there on the border, and getting worse. Are Biden's people really so dumb they can't see what a disaster this is? Not just for the U.S.A., of course, as if they gave a flying Senegali about that, but for their party's own political future?

Derbyshire's theory: the Biden people may be trying to distract us from huge increases in legal immigration.

And this Border Rush will be blamed on Biden—the illegals are wearing T-shirts with his name on them:

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