Border Patrol Handcuffed from Pursuit of Terrorists?
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A recent article, Violence against border agents at record pace, contains some rather disturbing details tucked away in a latter paragraph:

"If anyone runs from us, we don't chase them," said one California-based border patrol agent who requested anonymity. "We could have information that there is a nuke in the back of a van but we don't have authority to chase them," the agent said. "We've had radiation pagers go off and we're still not allowed [by our supervisors] to give chase," he said. "They are scared to death something will go wrong and there will be a huge liability."

What? Wouldn't the explosion of a nuke or bio-weapon in an American city be considered a rather serious "liability"? A hamstrung Border Patrol unable to chase down bad guys makes our porous perimeter even more of a security threat.

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