Another Amateur strikes a blow for his Country
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As I mentioned the other day discussing an excellent immigration post byThe Dow Blog,possibly the clearest sign that the Treason Lobby will lose is the willingness of non-journalists to spend long hours writing high quality substantial essays on the topic, despite the needs of family and children, knowing that their work will only be posted on obscure blogs. This kind of passion amongst the citizenry will ultimately be unstoppable.

Here is another example, posted earlier this month by the Raving of a Mad Tech blogger

(“The day to day ravings of a Help Desk Technician forced to speak to stupid end users and compete for his job with out-sourcing. In other words, living in denial and supressing rage.”)
The Hidden Cost Of Illegal Immigration is a thorough and well-documented exposition of this fairly subtle subject, and will serve a useful antidote to the loony-libertarian wing of the pro-immigration forces. Evaluating costs is a matter which sometimes takes market forces a little time.

Ruefully I note it is no mean feat to write a serious piece on immigration with 13 links and not use VDARE, especially as on some aspects Mad Tech has correctly featured, such as Anchor Babies and the Madeleine Cosman Emergency Room discussion, we have the definitive postings. I conclude Mad Tech is still hoping that this debate can be confined to a civilized arena, so that he can avoid associating with meanies like us. Fond Hope: no prisoners will be taken in this war. But we are prepared to accept triangulation : intends to go on leading from the front. Those following can do useful work, until they become intimidated - or toughen up.

Applaud Mad Tech - he deserves it.

Hat tip Michael Williams .

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