Border Apprehension Numbers: Still Below Obama Levels, But Uptick Worrisome
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Earlier: Despite NEWSWEEK Hysteria, Border Apprehensions Still Way Below 2019 Numbers. But They Are Creeping Up

The most recent Border Apprehension numbers are now available, below. While the uptick is worrisome, they're still below Obama-era levels.

Here's some perspective, via CIS:


Drugs Not Diapers: With Migrant Numbers Down Border Patrol Able to Seize Illicit Narcotics

By Andrew R. Arthur on August 26, 2020

The latest statistics on southern border apprehensions from CBP presents a mixed picture. The bad news: Border Patrol apprehensions, which had cratered in April at 16,162 with the implementation of public-health restrictions on entry in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, are creeping up again, reaching 38,347 by July. The good news: The number of aliens apprehended entering illegally this year is still lower than last year, and the change in demographics of those apprehended has shifted from families and children to single adults, freeing Border Patrol to focus on its other primary missions: preventing drugs and those posing a danger to this country from entering communities within the United States.

In contrast to last month's numbers, a year before, Border Patrol caught 71,978 migrants entering the United States illegally, just 33 percent of whom (23,881) were single adults. The rest were either adults traveling with children (family units or "FMU"), or unaccompanied alien children (UAC). The majority (42,543 or 59 percent) were FMU. These numbers were actually down from a years' long high two months' earlier: 132,856 apprehensions in May 2019, of whom 63 percent were FMU, and just under 28 percent were single adults…

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