Bloomberg Notices GOP Congressmen Noticing Administrative Amnesty - Could They Be Waking Up?
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A Amnesty

Congressmen Rogers and Carter at Napolitano hearing - Light dawning?

Today in a no doubt inadvertent deviation from the house policy of partisan (often vicious) Treason Lobby cheerleading, Bloomberg News reported some sign of awareness amongst GOP Congressmen of the Obama Administrative Amnesty scandal

“It does sound like the administration has implemented de facto amnesty,” said Representative John Culberson, a Texas Republican… Representative Bob Aderholt, an Alabama Republican, said: “This administration chooses to apply the term ‘priorities’ as a convenient excuse to avoid enforcing our immigration laws.”
Obama Immigration Approach Criticized by U.S. House Republicans By Jeff Bliss February 16, 2012 Bloomberg’s own summary of the policy confirms the Congressmen are correct:
The administration is reviewing more than 280,000 deportation cases in an effort to drop those involving people whose only crime may have been crossing the border illegally. Last month, the administration urged the closing of 1,600 such cases. ( emphasis)
H/T One Old Vet, who sensibly improved the headline to House GOP Criticizes Obama for De Facto Amnesty

H/T One Old Vet also for a more thorough discussion of the occasion, testimony by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano: Lawmakers grill Napolitano on deportation practices, border By Dustin Volz Wednesday Cronkite News Feb. 15

“Some people say you’ve given those people amnesty,” said Rep. Harold Rogers, R-Ky., of the backlog of non-criminal immigrants in detention. “That they no longer need to worry about being here illegally.”…

When pushed by Rogers on whether any immigrants were deported for “just simply being here illegally,” Napolitano said the remaining 10 percent who were not high-priority cases could have been deported for “any number of reasons”…

Another Congressman got the message:
“What this results in, I think, is an issue of prosecutorial discretion,” said Rep. John Carter, R-Texas. “This slowdown in dealing with these people … that seems to be making a choice between what laws you’re going to enforce and what you’re not.”
The Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty decision last August was not only atrocious immigration policy but also an outrageous and  impeachable abrogation of the Presidential oath of office. The unwillingness of the GOP leadership to fight on the issue has been contemptible – and ominous.

Honorable exceptions to this failure include Congressmen Lou Barletta, Mo Brooks and Frank Guinta.

But perhaps things are changing. Last week House Judiciary Committee Chairman Representative Lamar Smith placed in Roll Call an excellent article saying

In a recent interview, President Barack Obama said he can’t just “wave away the laws that Congress put in place” and that “the president doesn’t have the authority to simply ignore Congress and say, ‘We’re not going to enforce the laws that you’ve passed.’”

But that is exactly what the president has done — ignored our immigration laws. Throughout the three years of his administration, Obama has waived applying several of our immigration rules and has refused to enforce other immigration laws.

President Is Ignoring Immigration Laws  Feb 6, 2012

which was backed up by a lucid summary on NewsMax:

Work-site inspections have been virtually abandoned, states that try to enforce federal immigration laws are punished, and illegal immigrants are given the right to apply for work authorization in 90 percent of cases, Smith said in an article for Roll Call.
Rep. Lamar Smith: Obama Officials Ignoring Immigration Laws By Martin Gould 06 Feb 2012

Lamar Smith has not been particularly good on immigration lately. Now, especially seeing other GOP Congressmen peeping out from their hiding places, one begins to wonder:

Could they be about to do something about this atrocity?

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