Corruption At The Department Of State—Fugitive Hector Villarreal Ordered Released
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Is Hillary! in the pay of the Mexican cartels? It may seem so. The Department of State (DOS) recently ordered U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release a Mexican national in the United States on a fraudulently obtained visa and a fugitive from Mexican law enforcement. Although Mexico is looking to arrest Hector Hernandez Javier Villarreal for embezzlement, it is without any doubt that he is also involved with the cartels. You don't steal millions from the Mexican government without some connection to at least one of Mexico's drug cartels. They have their fingers in every dirty little pie down there.

Fox News February 15, 2012 by Jana Winter

U.S. Lawmaker Seeks Answers After State Department Error Releases Mexican Fugitive From Texas Jail [sic. He was released from ICE custody.]

A former Mexican government official wanted for embezzling millions was arrested in Texas this month, then promptly ordered released by the State Department in a case that has one lawmaker demanding answers.

A day after pulling rank on Smith County, Texas, law enforcement officials, the State Department rescinded the order. But Hector Hernandez Javier Villarreal was gone by then. Now Rep. Louie Gohmert is calling for congressional hearings to find out what happened.

"That's the question: What are the federal officials thinking? The State Department is screwing up by ordering locals to release these fugitives," Gohmert, R-Texas, told "I don't know if it's corruption or incompetence, but it's one or the other and in my experience with federal government, I'm guessing it's incompetence."

Villarreal, the former secretary executive of the Tax Administration Service of Coahulia, Mexico, was arrested there in November on charges relating to an alleged scheme involving embezzling millions of dollars from the Mexican government. He posted $1 million cash bond, got himself a U.S. visa and then skipped town.

Villarreal surfaced in Tyler, Texas, on Feb. 1, when he, his wife Maria Teresita Botello and another man were pulled over for a routine stop. The couple's two children were also in the car and were turned over to child protective services.

"All we did was make a traffic stop; they didn't have a front license plate," Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith told

Police were given permission to search the vehicle and found $67,000 in cash and a shotgun, Smith said.

"When we ran the check on the shotgun, then all of a sudden everyone in federal government became interested — ATF, (the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), FBI, Homeland Security, Immigration (and Customs Enforcement) all showed up," Smith said.

He said Homeland Security officials had told his department that Villarreal was a high-profile and wanted fugitive.

"We placed them in jail on money-laundering charges, seized the vehicle and the money, ICE came and picked them up from our jail and took them to Dallas and that's the last we've seen or heard of them," Smith said.

Villarreal and Botello posted bond, and on Feb. 6 were released into the custody of Homeland Security and ICE officers. They were taken to a Dallas detention center for deportation.

And then:

That's when the State Department intervened, according to Smith. He said Homeland Security officials called to tell him the federal diplomatic agency had ordered Villarreal and his wife released.

The DOS has no such authority, unless the alien arrested by ICE is a properly accredited to the United States government or an international agency and holds a valid A or G non-immigrant visa. Otherwise the decision to remove an alien is that of ICE not DOS.

And Villarreal had neither. He had an EB-5 immigrant visa. A visa that should take years to obtain and a rather thorough inquiries as to the basis of the alien's qualification for the visa, being a large investment in the United States.

Gohmert said he had been told that State Department officials released Villarreal because he entered the country on a valid U.S. visa, even though as an international fugitive, he should have been deported. Gohmert said he also wants to know why Villarreal was granted a visa days after posting $1 million bond following his arrest in Mexico. The visa Villarreal was granted was an EB-5, which is given to foreigners who invest at least $500,000 in a business venture.

"We need to look at the visa program that allows foreigners to simply invest $500,000 in a venture and we give them a visa," he said. "This is allowing wealthy foreigners to buy a visa."

One day after ordering Villarreal's release, State Department officials referenced the Mexican warrant and asked for local authorities to re-arrest the couple. But by then, it was too late.

There is an extensive problem with the EB-5 immigrant visa, with the Center for Immigration Studies finding only $191 million dollars invested by EB-5 immigrants out of a total of $1 trillion invested by all aliens. It is a program that has deteriorated into from one encouraging productive investment, to one that is no more than a purchase of residency.

The question is why did DOS order ICE to release this criminal? Villarreal was not a diplomat, he was a former government official, but who had by necessity started the application for his immigrant visa long before he left his official post. Just how did DOS issue such an immigrant visa to a Mexican government employee is beyond stupid. The EB-5 is supposed to be for the super rich 1%er types, the Captains of Capital. Not government functionaries. Any consular officer in Mexico should have known Villarreal was not qualified, especially since a government official in Mexico could only produce $500k based on bribes from drug traffickers or through other corruption. And it is clearly more than just bribes to some lowly FS-6 consular officer or Foreign Service National in the immigrant visa branch of the Embassy in Mexico City.

Villarreal had the pull to obtain assistance from a high level Washington based DOS official. So much pull that he could have is arrest overturned. That is influence beyond imagination. It just does not happen except in the case of properly accredited diplomats. And obviously a political appointee. That means Hillary! or one of her political hacks.


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