Memorial Day at the U.S. National Cemetery, Mexico City
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May 28th is Memorial Day (formerly Decoration Day), originally established to honor our war dead. On that day may we all honor our nation's war dead, and strive to be worthy of their example, by fighting to preserve the nation they died for.

The U.S.A. has 164 national cemeteries, and 24 of them are outside of U.S. territory. At all 164 of them, ceremonies are scheduled on Memorial Day.

Probably the quietest such ceremony will be that of the U.S. National Cemetery in Mexico City, a one-acre plot unknown to most Americans. It's actually the oldest national cemetery outside U.S. territory.

This graveyard, located by a busy expressway , is visited by few American tourists , most of whom haven't even been told of its existence. It is the final resting place of 1,562 Americans who died in Mexico City, 750 of whom were soldiers who died in the invasion of Mexican City in 1847.

Among the others buried there are former Confederate officers who moved to Mexico after the Civil War, including General James E. Slaughter.

If you're interested, check out this Arizona Republic article about the cemetery, which contains more information and commentary.

On Memorial Day (which is just another day in Mexico), a ceremony is planned for the U.S. National Cemetery in Mexico City. The U.S. ambassador to Mexico and a Marine honor guard are scheduled to be there, but no Mexican officials are expected .

On Memorial Day, remember the U.S. National Cemetery in Mexico City.

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