Project Censored Reports Increasing US Poverty
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The left leaning Project Censored reports on stories that haven't been given the attention they deserve. They previously wrote about the infamous H-1b program.

Of their latest batch, this one should be of particular interest to VDARE.COM readers:

#4 Hunger and Homelessness Increasing in the US


The New Standard, December 2005 Title: ”New Report Shows Increase in Urban Hunger, Homelessness” Author: Brendan Coyne, March, 2006 Title: ”US Plan to Eliminate Survey of Needy Families Draws Fire ” Author: Abid Aslam

Faculty Evaluator: Myrna Goodman Student Researcher: Arlene Ward and Brett Forest

The number of hungry and homeless people in U.S. cities continued to grow in 2005, despite claims of an improved economy. Increased demand for vital services rose as needs of the most destitute went unmet, according to the annual U.S. Conference of Mayors Report, which has documented increasing need since its 1982 inception.

The study measures instances of emergency food and housing assistance in twenty-four U.S. cities and utilizes supplemental information from the U.S. Census and Department of Labor. More than three-quarters of cities surveyed reported increases in demand for food and housing, especially among families. Food aid requests expanded by 12 percent in 2005, while aid center and food bank resources grew by only 7 percent. Service providers estimated 18 percent of requests went unattended. Housing followed a similar trend, as a majority of cities reported an increase in demand for emergency shelter, often going unmet due to lack of resources.

Now I have previously reported on the link between this phenomenon and immigration policy. I don't think this problem can be effectively addressed without addressing both regional poverty—and a realistic immigration policy that is in line with what most Americans want.

We need to fundamentally restructure both the US and the world economy.

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