Black Transgender Killer Harvey Marcelin, 83, Arrested For Third Kill Since 1963—After Second Parole
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Earlier (2016) Kitty Genovese's (Black) Murderer Finally Dies

In 1963, a man named Harvey Marcelin killed his girlfriend in a Harlem apartment. He was eligible for the death penalty, which New York still had that year, but was sentenced to 20 to life instead, and actually did 20 before being paroled in 1984 and killing again.

Released again, in 2019, Harvey Marcelin has been arrested for killing again, this time with horrifying details; victim dismembered, head found in Harvey's apartment.

However, at some point, probably in the 21st century, Harvey Marcelin became a woman, and so all reference to his past are now her past, as with the Wikipedia entries that say Caitlin, rather than Bruce,  Jenner won Olympic Gold in 1976:

An 83-year-old Brooklyn woman convicted twice of killing women she lived with was charged with murder on Thursday, after investigators found a head in her apartment that, officials said, belonged to a body discovered in a shopping cart last week.

Harvey Marcelin, who had served decades in prison for murder and manslaughter before her release in 2019, was arrested March 4 and was initially charged with concealment of human remains.

Ms. Marcelin — who was listed as male in earlier court records but now identifies as a woman, according to a law enforcement official — was indicted on second-degree murder charges on Thursday in the death of Susan Leyden, 68. She is accused of dismembering her and hiding her body parts.

She Killed Two Women. At 83, She Is Charged With Dismembering a Third.

Harvey Marcelin was charged with murder after a head was found in her Brooklyn apartment. Officials said it belonged to a dismembered body discovered in a shopping cart.

By Rebecca Davis O’Brien and Ali Watkins March 10, 2022

Here's Harvey Marcelin's record via New York State's Inmate Locator. You notice Harvey is not only identified as a male, but as a black male.

Harvey doesn't look really black, but also doesn't really look like a woman. Harvey might have been a fairly lightskinned black, who got paler with age, or may be wearing a lot of make-up, as Michael Jackson used to.

The victim is Susan Leyden, below, apparently a white woman.

Winston Moseley, the black serial killer who murdered a white girl named Kitty Genovese a year after Harvey Marcelin killed for the first time, never did get released. Possibly the parole board in 1984 had heard about the  Harvey Marcelin case. Moseley died in prison in 2016, aged 81.

That probably saved several women's lives. How many lives might have been saved if both killers were executed, we'll never know.

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