Black Teen Tries To Kill Another Cop In St. Louis With A Pistol
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The headline "Black Teen Tries To Kill Another Cop In St. Louis With A Pistol" is mine, this is how plays it: It's blindingly clear that this was a self-defense shooting:

Surveillance Video From Berkeley, Mo. Gas Station Shows Antonio Martin Pointing A Gun At The Police Officer, December 24, 2014

And local blacks rioted anyway:

In the time between the shooting and the release of the video footage, several hundred people gathered in the Mobile gas station parking lot, where tension was high. Conflict broke out between cops and the crowd at several points. According to [St Louis police chief Jon ] Belmar, bricks were thrown at officers and "we had three explosive devices that were used ... directly next to a gas pump." Four people were arrested for assaulting officers. Police deployed pepper spray, but did not deploy tear gas or flashbangs, said Belmar. On social media, rumors of both had been circulating, along with assertions that Martin had been unarmed. "I've already seen on social media that this officer killed him in cold blood," said Belmar. "Well, that's not what you're going to see on the video."

Why did this young man (Reason, by the way, doesn't say that either the deceased or the rioters were black) attempt to shoot a police officer? Tammy Bruce has a suggestion:

That's what Steve Sailer meant when he wrote The Obama Coalition Isn’t Bulletproof–Brooklyn Shooting A Result Of Democrats’ 2014 Campaign Strategy.

Expect more of this.

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