Radio Derb Transcript: A Very Merry Christmas To All!
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The transcript for last Saturday’s Radio Derb is now archived at my website, here.

Our coverage spans the globe:  Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Caribbean.  I am sorry to report, though, that there was no news concerning the Miss BumBum pageant last week.  I suspect there is some sinister explanation for the silence—another North Korean operation, perhaps?—and I have set my crack researchers to look into it.

More directly on-topic:  That excellent magazine Chronicles has a good piece by our proprietor in the current issue.


With Christmas almost upon us, I should like to tender my heartfelt thanks to the many readers who supported, and me, with generous donations this past year.

As usual, those thanks travel with an apology to any readers/listeners who emailed me but didn’t get a response.  I do my best with email; I believe I am currently batting about .800; and everything non-abusive is read with attention.  There are, unfortunately, only so many hours in the day.

A commenter at Steve’s blog today wrote the following thing:

Just think if the MSM were on the side of traditional Americans and put the same effort into highlighting demographic change, black-on-white crime, and the negative effects of free trade as they do with any of the examples you list. If they did this nation would be a very different place today. One more related to pre-1965 America than to 2014 Brazil. Instead they do everything in their power to ignore and obfuscate these issues, and tar and feather anyone who attempts to bring them to light.
Absolutely right, and hence the necessity of outlets like and Radio Derb as counters to the MSM Narrative.  Please continue to read, to listen, and to support us in 2015.

A very merry Christmas to all!

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