Black Sheriff's Deputy In Arkansas Casually Shoots Nine-Pound Dog
Print Friendly and PDF has to story titled Video: Arkansas Cop Casually Shoots a 9-pound Dog.

You can watch the video below:'s Keenan Wallace: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know [GRAPHIC VIDEO], as usual, don't include the one fact inquring minds want to know—what color Arkansas cop?

  1. Faulkner County Sheriff Announces on Facebook Deputy Wallace Was Fired & Sheriff Will Ask Prosecutors to Investigate for Possible Charges
  2. A Neighbor Pulled a Gun on Doug Canady & the Dogs Saying They Were Bothering Her. She Then Called Police
  3. Wallace, a Former Airman With the Air National Guard, Has Been in the News for His Work as a K9 Deputy
  4. Reese’s the Dog Has a GoFundMe Page
  5. Not Officially Canady’s Dog, He & His Daughter Had Been Caring for the Abandoned Pup ‘When It’s Former Owners Failed to’

However, we can see from the graphic, above, that Wallace is a black Arkansas cop. (If you just say "Arkansas Cop" people tend to visualize someone like Sheriff J. W. Pepper, right.)

The author of the Reason .com story says that "Reason has been reporting on egregious incidents of police shooting dogs for years now", and points to an earlier story about a program to train cops not to do this, saying "the above video might be one of the most malicious and inexcusable instances caught on camera, besides maybe the time a Detroit cop was caught on dashcam video executing a dog while it was chained to a fence."

Yes, well that was done by Detroit officer Darrell Dawson, who is also a black cop. Many of these dog shootings take place in Detroit.

If you're wondering this is relevant, it's because blacks in general hate and fear dogs, despising white people's affection for them. Thomas Jackson wrote in American Renaissance in 1993, in a review of a book about urban conflict between races by a black professor that

Whites are the best targets for robbery, since a black runs little risk of resistance or injury if he assaults one. Interestingly, the only thing that changes the balance of power between black and white is a dog. Almost all blacks are reportedly afraid of dogs and give a white with a dog the right-of-way. As Prof. Anderson says:

In the working-class black subculture, ‘dogs’ does not mean ‘dogs in the house,’ but usually connotes dogs tied up outside, guarding the backyard, biting trespassers bent on trouble. . . When they [working-class blacks] see a white adult on his knees kissing a dog, the sight may turn their stomachs — one more piece of evidence attesting to the peculiarities of their white neighbors.

South African President Jacob Zuma spoke out against whites and their pet dogs, and so did Malcolm X. So maybe the solution  to the problem of cops shooting dogs is a whiter police force.

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