Black-Ruled Baltimore Is Falling Down—Literally
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NPR featured a report  yesterday about houses collapsing in Baltimore. That's right. Houses in dowboardedupntown majority black Baltimore are literally collapsing, such is their state of disrepair. Indeed, 17,000 houses in Charm City are "boarded up and uninhabitable."

Of course, "the city needs to do more."

NPR quoted the city housing boss:

Paul Graziano, Baltimore's housing commissioner, says he understands why residents are frustrated. But he adds that the abandoned properties "are the product of over 50 years of disinvestment and population loss, so it's not something that's going to turn around overnight or even in a year or two."
No, it won't. And it won't turn around as long as leftist blacks are running the city. Perhaps if they spent a little more time dealing with the city's real problems, and less time figuring out ways to hate whitey, something might get done.

But that, as we all know, isn't going to happen.

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