Black Plus Brown Diversity Doesn't Add Up
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The thorough article from Steven Malanga about the history of non-alliance between black citizens and Hispanic immigrants is worth your attention. And not a minute too soon: Los Angeles has been suffering Mexican-on-black violence for some time, where Hispanic gangs have conspired to drive out black citizens.

There's a lot of evidence that the whole rainbow idea was just a marketing strategy from ethnic shake-down artists like Jesse Jackson. Average black workers have always done done better economically in periods of low immigration.

Plus, it's good to see long-time sovereignty stalwart Terry Anderson get overdue attention as the person quoted first in the piece...

Terry Anderson is angry. From his KRLA-AM radio perch in Los Angeles, the black talk-show host thunders, ”I have gone on the streets and talked to people at random here in the black community, and they all ask me the same question: ”Why are our politicians and leaders letting this happen?’ ” [...]
Black unease about immigration goes back a long way. In the 1870s, former slave Frederick Douglass warned that immigrants were displacing free blacks in the labor market. Twenty-five years later, Booker T. Washington exhorted America’s industrialists to ”cast down your bucket” not among new immigrants but ”among the eight million Negros . . . who have without strikes and labor wars tilled your fields, cleared your forests, builded your railroads and cities.” Blacks supported federal legislation in 1882 that restricted Chinese immigration to the United States. They favored the immigration reform acts of the 1920s, which limited European immigration, and also urged restrictions on Mexican workers: ”If the million Mexicans who have entered the country have not displaced Negro workers, whom have they displaced?” asked black journalist George Schuyler in 1928. [The Rainbow Coalition Evaporates, City Journal, Winter 2008]
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